Review- If the Shoe Kills by Lynn Cahoon

download (1)4/5 Stars

This is another great addition to The Tourist Trap series! I enjoy reading about the developments in the town and characters.
The business owners of South Cove are being asked to have an intern for several weeks as part of a work study program. Several of the business owners are afraid the interns will steal from them or worse. As the liaison between the business owners and City Hall, Jill has her hands full. Jill and the program director don’t see eye to eye, Jill can’t stand the man. Unfortunately, someone else doesn’t like the guy much either. Jill attempts to steer clear of the guy but soon discovers him dead in his car. Everyone first assumes it’s suicide but Jill thinks differently. As if that isn’t enough, JIll is trying to plan Thanksgiving dinner with more and more people coming than she originally planned for, the mayor wants her to take over decoreating the town because his wife couldn’t handle the job and no one else will do it. To top off everything, Sherry, the ex-wife of Jill’s boyfriend, Greg is back on the scene trying to worm her back into the good graces of Detective King. It’s a wonder if Jill will survive the holiday season in more ways than one.
This is a fast paced story where the pages fly by and before you know it, the end has arrived. I enjoyed watching the characters develop and grow. This is one of my favorite series and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.


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